Sad With the Size of Your Derrière? –


Sad With the Size of Your Derrière?


Our collection of fake boobies and fake booty proves to be a fashionista and glam girl favorite. So if you want to look fab, sexy and absolutely hot, instantaneously, then come on! Hop on and join the fun in enhancing the way you look and in increasing our confidence—and sexiness with our fake a baby fake booty!

Fake a Baby is not only an expert in delivering the best items meant to bring out shock and hilarity, in the most straightforward way! Fake a Baby definitely knows what women want, that's why we are always happy to offer the best gag gifts on Earth that can be enjoyed by both men and women, but are actually catered for the ladies who wanted to pull off a classy, easy and successful prank. Aside from these gag-centric items which are instrumental in creating wonderful memories, intensifying family ties and friendships, Fake a Baby has responded to the needs of women, that pertains to vanity, beauty and fashion.

The Fake a Baby Silicone Butt Pads are a dream come true for most women who have pancake ass, flat butt or who are not happy with the size of their backside.

Not only does our Silicone Butt Shapewear give that much-needed size increase in a jiffy, but it makes every outfit look good on you. Whether you intend to wear it with shorts, skirt, jumpsuit, a long dress or that classy LBD, you are bound to look better and feel better about yourself, knowing that your overall look has drastically improved. Indeed, a pair of the FakeAbaby silicone butt pads is truly an emergency beauty kit must-have.

Be beautiful without sacrificing your comfort! The Fake a Baby Silicone Butt Pads are exceptionally natural to the touch and look brilliantly genuine. Each attire will fit so much better and your booty will look more luscious —without the pain and huge costs of a butt augmentation or butt implant!

There are four removable large silicone pads, which are made from medical grade silicone, with our premium quality shapewear. So you don't have to worry for any butt pad shortages!

With the fake a baby fake booty, be ready for that upcoming reunion, much-awaited party, or that most anticipated get-together. Be uplifted, give your figure a ‘lift’ and get all pumped on a bad day knowing that you are dolled up and sexier. Seeing our reflections in the mirror and looking prettier, classier and sexier can certainly help in upping our confidence, making us truly happier in the long run!

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