How to Have Fantastic Fake Pregnancy Papers –


How to Have Fantastic Fake Pregnancy Papers


Thanks to our fun-loving customers, FakeABaby has become an incredible go-to place for the most fascinating fake pregnancy tests, fake ultrasounds and fake pregnancy papers. And big thanks as well to our playful fans who are classy enough and with good fashion sense, FakeABaby has also created a name in the field of high-quality silicone huge boobs and wonderful bra inserts which are totally useful, not only to improve their looks by enhancing their fashion sense, but these items are also proven to be effective to boost self-confidence.

With a vision to surpass an already exceptional service that we provide, we are pleased to showcase our Fake Pregnancy Documents which could serve as an incredible add-on to your prank, event or any other needs. You can also use our Fake Pregnancy Document as a standalone gag, to spread joyfulness and hilarity! A fake pregnancy test and a fake ultrasound are already known as amazing and effective prank items—imagine how fantastic it could be if you supplement your escapade with a creative fake birth announcement document or a fake proof of pregnancy document! There will be no room for doubts and disbelief among your prank victims; and there will be so many opportunities for craziness and enormous fun!

1. Fake Newspaper Birth Announcement

Personalize this fake newspaper birth announcement, and have its edges torn or cut - just the way you detach it from a real whole size newspaper! You can use it to prank your friends that you (or someone) have just given birth. Or you can have your dear 70-year old aunt or granny as an accomplice, and have their name on the fake newspaper birth announcement. This is an excellent reunion prank! See your clan’s jaws drop and make them so confused, digesting this surprising news! You can also use this as a custom newspaper birth announcement if you were not able to have you real pregnancy and childbirth news or announcement published. Very efficient, practical and cost-effective!

2. Fake X-Ray

Get a sick-day at work - and let your boss and colleagues get 'sick' by the news that you had a mishap with a bottle stuck up on your ass! Oh no!

3. Fake Proof of Pregnancy Document

A great addition to your fake pregnancy joke. Use this with your fake pregnancy tests, fake ultrasounds and fake bellies and y'all will be in for an immense bolt from the blue! See how your parents react to the news or witness your hubby’s facial expression when you announce your sixth or seventh pregnancy with a fake pregnancy paper prank!

You'll never fake the fun with these fun and whimsical fake pregnancy papers! Get yours now at FakeABaby and buckle up for lotsa giggles, tehee’s, and lotsa chuckles!

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