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Fabulous Fake Pregnant Bellies


Searching for the most extraordinary items? Fake a Baby is going to be your best friend!

FakeABaby's wonderful collection of gag gifts, prank toys and fashion items will continue to wow you! They are not common, never-boring and always fun! That's because Fake a Baby is committed in providing only the best, handpicked items to suit your amazing imagination and remarkable creativity! You don't need to stick to the old school stuff. Now you can enjoy ingenious and artistic items in so many ways!

One of the hottest items from Fake a Baby are the pregnancy bellies. If you are leaning towards obtaining a fake bump that looks and feels genuinely real, FakeABaby got you covered! Spare yourself from the stress of creating a DIY pregnancy suit. Save time and effort and avoid ordering a tacky and cheap-looking maternity bump. Get only an exceptional fake pregnancy belly from Fake a Baby!

The fake pregnancy bellies are used in so many ways. You can use it to prank your family, relatives or friends with a fake pregnancy prank. If you design maternity clothes, you can have your model wear a fake pregnant belly to excellently feature your creations. If you need a fake bump for an upcoming stage play, TV program or film, the fake bellies from FakeABaby will absolutely deliver! No need to settle for anything else. Just be ready for a fake pregnancy belly that appears to be 100% real!

You can choose between a fabric fake pregnant belly or a silicone fake pregnant belly.



Our fabric fake pregnant belly's zipper feature allows you to change the size and shape of your fake baby bump. A fake belly that has this kind of feature can only be found on FakeABaby's collection!




Our silicone fake pregnancy bellies on the other hand are made of flesh-like silicone, which allows the wearer to have a genuine pregnancy-like experience while wearing it! Its neck and waist straps can be easily adjusted; and with the adhesive backing, you can have fun witnessing and feeling how the belly moves with your body! Incredible fake bump experience!




Browse through our striking collection of fake pregnant bellies here: Fake Pregnancy Belly


*Image Source: KManzela / 9 images via Pixabay under the CC0 Public Domain license.

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