Playful Fake Pregnancy Tests –


Playful Fake Pregnancy Tests


Naughtiness, mischief and wickedness are on!

Infinity is perhaps a suitable word to describe the extent and possibilities for the pranking ideas and funny gag concepts using the prank items from FakeABaby! We are truly grateful for our fabulous, sexy, naughty (and sometimes raunchy!) customers who have made us the leading provider of the best and the sexiest gag gifts on Earth! But one of the most celebrated and highly-revered items that we are truly proud of are our Fake Pregnancy Test Collection!

Sometimes deemed as controversial, we encourage the gorgeous women (and even men!) to use the Fake a Baby fake pregnancy test 'For Entertainment Purposes' only to fully maximise its hilarious and side-splitting power! There are plenty of harmless ways where you could carry out a fake pregnancy prank and there's absolutely so many ideas present where you can pull off a fake pregnancy test surprise! Your loved ones are gonna hate you—momentarily! After revealing to them that the whole fake pregnancy test act was a joke all along, you'll be surprised that they're gonna love you even more, for your oozing sense of humor, unpredictability and being adventurous!

Pranking and joking around has never been this easy! No dirty setups, no expensive items and no difficult arrangement. Just a realistic, false positive pregnancy test from FakeABaby is all you need to achieve those hilarious reactions from your prank victims!

We offer different fake pregnancy test styles and exciting fake pregnancy gag gift options that will suit your prankster level, goofing-around ability and preferences! But if you want an easy and effortless prank, then you should pick our Classy Fake Pregnancy Test Kit!

Pull off a fake pregnancy prank by yourself while shocking them with your pregnancy; or victimize your sibling or friend by tempting them to pee in a cup; then test it as it will yield 100% positive. Their reaction will be priceless so best to capture it on vid!

Show them that you're more than just a pretty face with hot curves. Show them your funny and playful side with the Fake Pregnancy Test gag gifts from Fake a Baby!

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