Classy Catastrophe –


Classy Catastrophe

You're pretty, smart, and you pay your own bills. You are an amazing woman and it's certainly not difficult to like you, or even love you, because of your charm and personality. But oftentimes, no matter how smart, good or tasteful we are, we cannot avoid getting hurt by some jerks; people who are set to hurt and scar us for the rest of our lives. But we cannot deny the fact too that these are the types of people who strengthen us, who shape our character so strong that we would become brave enough to fall in love again, till we are able to meet our perfect match. But, a big but, if you are thinking of just crying out loud and succumbing into those sleepless nights after being cheated on, dumped and hurt by that a*hole, well it's about time to think twice. Give him a sweet revenge - a kind of retribution that's not gonna destroy his life, neither yours, but would make him learn a lesson. Something that will make him contemplate on his wrongdoings. Like splashing an ice-cold water right on his face. Yes, you got that right, these Fake a Baby items will surely give you the vengeance that you are looking for in a refined manner. A classy catastrophe indeed...

Take a look at these fake pregnant bellies. These are not only popularly used for parties, during those much-awaited holidays and gatherings. Not only utilized on stage plays and movie productions, but these can definitely be used for pranks and for letting your cheater boyfriend indulge into an immense headache.

Wear this up. Have a photo op and send the said photo to him. Or post it on your social media account, then tag him. Or perhaps show this fake bump to his friends so he'd get bombarded by his buddies if he really impregnated you or not. Share it with his siblings - for sure his parents will keep on questioning him. Let him become so confused, bewildered and perplexed that he'll have a hard time getting up in the morning thinking of what has happened and how will he deal with this stress. If he contacts you, make sure to block your phone - OMG, ultimate torture! :D

See our fake pregnant bellies or the other Fake a Baby items that you can use in taking revenge - but make sure to disclose that everything was just a prank afterwards. You are too classy to destroy someone else's life - not worth your time and reputation! But giving him a memorably hurtful payback is definitely just fine. 


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