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April Fools Day Pranks to Drive Them Nuts

April Fools is approaching so better prepare yourself for heaps of laughter and pleasure! Sure you're getting ready for this biggest day for pranks, but then again, you can never be all set for it! Most people actually condition themselves for the April Fools Day pranks, getting all wary towards the possibility of getting pranked - but why do they still get victimized? Well, in cases like this, the credit should always be given to the prankster itself. It's either he did a great job in preparing for a super effective joke or he has chosen the right gagging tools or prank items to make his pranking vision a reality!


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When it comes to highly effective prank items, Fake a Baby would never disappoint. The array of unconventional and unique gag gifts are perfect for the freshest prank ideas ever. You want one-of-a-kind? FakeABaby has them. Sure the traditional gags pulled off during April Fools Day are awesome. Covering up your friend's car on tissue paper is funny. Applying a colorless nail polish all over a bar of soap is also hilarious. Putting makeup on your wasted pal is pretty crazy too. But who has time for that anyway? Although they are set to make everyone go LOL, most of us prefer to do the easiest and most straightforward prank ever. And some don't actually want to spend a great deal of their money doing an detailed prank setup. Of course, you can always use recyclable materials - which boils down to the previous question - "Who actually has time for that?" – again.

This year's April Fools Day, why not try pulling off a fake pregnancy prank towards your parents or your siblings? You could also treat your granny or auntie to a fake ultrasound joke - be aware though that they may or may not slap you after telling them that the whole thing was just a prank afterwards! :D A fake boob job prank or fake butt implants prank will make you the talk of the town too. Some might get shocked, some might get envious but you'd achieve your goal of actually pranking them! A fake DNA test or a fake x-ray joke will get them fooled for sure!

Looking for an outrageous yet totally inimitable prank item? Find it here: FakeABaby April Fools Day pranks Items

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