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Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!

Break all the rules but stay on the safe side with the harmless and funny prank items and gag gifts from FakeABaby!

Are you really serious in planning for the best prank ever? FakeABaby is here to give you an awesome time with our awesome gag gifts for that awesome experience and memories! Experience a delightful moment with a sexy prank that is set to excite and shock your prank victims!

A perfectly sexy prank to pull off is the FakeABaby fake boob job prank! FakeABaby is here to give you a wide array of prank toys that will suit your pranking and gagging needs! Want to pull off a fake boob job prank in a classy and subtle way? The FakeABaby Silicone Fake Soft Touch Bra Inserts are your best choice! They look so realistic and are guaranteed to add that much-needed boost to your boobs with just the right amount of cleavage to make your significant other and friends get a taste of disbelief with that sudden growth on your cup size!

Need some pregnant boobies to match your fake pregnancy prank? Our pregnant boobs can give you a pair of real looking breasts that is just perfect to give you look that is as if you are lactating!

And... drum roll! If you fancy having the most shocking fake boob prank then brace yourself for a humongous pair of silicone boobies—the FakeABaby Silicone Huge Boobs! So big, so realistic, and so sexy.

Add a little extra sparkle and allure into your life whether in terms of fashion or pranking. Whatever the case may be, you can rest easy knowing that you can obtain an authentic-looking pair of fake boobs easily and in no time!

A prank a day keeps the doctor away! Remember that laughter is the best medicine and if you keep yourself glad, motivated, and inspired, then you are in for happy moments, which means a happy life!

Go ahead and pull off a prank with the help of the leading provider of unique, controversial, and totally hilarious fake boob job prank toys and other prank items and gag gifts—FakeABaby!


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