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Want a Fake Sonogram Video?


Up the fun and take your fake pregnancy prank into another level!

Do you remember the fake pregnancy announcement that your favorite Hollywood celeb pulled off on April Fool’s Day? We are sure that the said joke has made you express a variety of emotions and reactions! It may have annoyed you, either because you want to see your idol get pregnant or you love her so much that you don't want to see her leave the showbiz world and settle down just yet. No matter how a fake pregnancy prank creates an effect in you, one thing is certain: it made you forget your troubles and the laughter from the revelation may have just given you a funny and exhilarating moment!

Speaking of exhilarating, a kind of fake pregnancy prank with a twist will make you feel uplifted and happy from the laughter and crazy time!

A fake sonogram video will provide you with a fake pregnancy prank that is so unique, realistic, and fresh, it promises everyone with a great time that is worth remembering. A fake sonogram video allows your prank victims to see your baby's development and movement inside your womb which makes that total setup absolutely realistic. There will be no room for doubt and fear as your name and other personal details are shown on the fake sonogram video itself. Marvelous!

Play your FakeABaby fake sonogram video during your parents visit and see their shocked reactions as you tell them that you don't know who the baby daddy is!

Post it on Facebook then sit back, relax, and enjoy the multiple reactions! Enjoy even more as you and your friends have a good laugh when you divulge the truth!

Surprise your husband of your upcoming baby by playing your FakeABaby fake sonogram video and see how he reacts watching his 7th or 8th baby move!

A fake pregnancy prank is crazy but a whole lot of fun, indeed!

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