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Fake Pregnancy Document Holiday Pranks


Add a twist to your prank with a Fake Proof of Pregnancy Document from FakeABaby!

Our Personalized Fake Proof of Pregnancy Document is an amazing prank item to make your fake pregnancy prank a reality. Using it as the focal point of your gag is very easy and hassle free. Although many of our fun-loving customers adore our fascinating fake pregnancy test kits that always yield a positive result, as well as our fake ultrasounds that look spectacularly real, many of them have found our fake proof of pregnancy documents to be something that allows them to show a legitimate-looking document, pulling off their prank in the easiest way possible. So, if you have not yet planned for that fake pregnancy prank, had a spur-of-the-moment idea of losing yourself in a crazy time showing your wacky side, then our proof of pregnancy document can do a marvelous job for you!

Having the fake proof of pregnancy document as a standalone product is already wonderful because with the way it looks, anyone will be convinced that it's really something that came from a legit hospital or clinic.

If you are planning to have the FakeABaby fake pregnancy test, this is a great add-on to your fake pregnancy prank. Your victim will surely have a one helluva time!

Complement your fake ultrasound by using a fake proof of pregnancy document and make your overall prank setup remarkably extraordinary! It is very unlikely that they will doubt the legitimacy of your pregnancy announcement with a fake ultrasound and a fake proof of pregnancy document handy!

Pull off an exciting fake pregnancy prank by wearing the FakeABaby fake pregnancy belly and also by showing a fake proof of pregnancy document. They won't ever question your pregnancy because how could that possibly happen, knowing that you have shown a fake proof of pregnancy document with that realistic, silicone pregnancy belly? No. Aside from that, our fake proof of pregnancy document looks very authentic so you can confidently carry out a fake pregnancy prank easily and successfully!

Fake ultrasounds are some of our best-selling products and it's definitely a great idea to do a combination of prank that will surely transform their year into an unforgettable one! Show your prank victims a personalized fake ultrasound with your name on it and also include a fake proof of pregnancy document to make them even more convinced!

Be creative in showing your funny side and do it in a harmless way by getting our Fake Proof of Pregnancy Document for a prank or practical joke. It is also perfect to be used as a props for films and shows!

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