Bigger Butt This Christmas –


Bigger Butt This Christmas


'Tis the season to be jolly... and to flaunt a sexier body!

Christmas is the most awaited time of the year. The season to deck the halls and plan for the fabulous get-togethers, festivities and merry-making to celebrate the season. The time to show our appreciation to the people close to our heart. Although the preparations, shopping and the Christmas rush can be stressful and may become totally overwhelming, we cannot deny the fact that there's a genuine kind of joy and pure excitement when Christmas is already just around the corner. So make it even more exciting and totally worthwhile by giving evehttryone a one-of-a-kind surprise (or shock!) using the wondrous items from FakeABaby!

Show a svelter and sexier figure this Christmas season by wearing the Silicone Butt Shapewear. FakeABaby offers high quality gag gifts, costumes and fashion items which you can use to unleash the inner prankster, fashionista, and the inner vixen in you!

Surprise your hubby with a more voluptuous figure with that skimpy red dress, showing a more beautiful figure that will draw him to you even more.

Prank your family and friends with a Fake Butt Prank on Christmas. Tell them that you've just had a surgery, and see their priceless reactions. Then be prepared for lots of shrieks and giggles afterwards when you disclose that it's just a silicone butt shapewear — that is of first-rate and topnotch quality — anyway!

To cap off the year on a more positive and confident note, wear the Silicone Butt Shapewear to boost your self-reassurance and enhance your poise, giving you a brighter outlook and optimism not just this Christmas season, but towards the coming of a New Year.

Choose from 3 Shapewear sizes: Medium, Large and Extra Large.

Up to you if you would like to add multiple layers of it, to achieve an ala-Kardashian size! This is way better than having to spend expensive costs from an actual butt surgery, not to mention the pain, downtime and possible negative side effects from it.

Now more than ever, you can execute your funny and sexy prank in the most alluring and most genuine way possible. Check out the Silicone Butt Shapewear from FakeABaby to have the most unforgettably funny prank... and the most cherish-worthy Christmas surprise ever!

Be shapely, be sexy and be happy this Christmas! Merry Christmas!

Image Source: adamkontor / 184 images via Pixabay under the Creative Commons CC0 licence.

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