Never Underestimate the Power of a Fake DNA Test –


Never Underestimate the Power of a Fake DNA Test



What could be considered as the most effective, realistic, out-of-this-world gag, that’s never-before-seen or heard prank? Well have you heard of a Fake DNA Test prank? We bet not!

FakeABaby is the leading source of the most exciting gag gifts in the world. We take pride in our amazing gag gifts that are 'simply funny' but what people admire in our products — aside from the fact that they're easy to pull off and totally effective — is how the pranks turn out to be successful, just by using a simply wondrous and totally realistic prank items like the ones from FakeABaby.

One of our most raved products, our Fake DNA Test Kit is a sure hit among men and women. For grown-ups, it's really therapeutic and fun to pull off a crazy yet harmless prank such as the Fake DNA Test prank. Really, our fun-loving nature often allows us to transform simple ideas using plain products, into a creative moment, that often result into a marvelous prank!

We are impressed by the highly structured pranks that we see on TV. And we adore the pretty straightforward gags that we watch time and again. We all love these pranks just the same. Laughter is indeed the best medicine, and we immediately find solace whenever we see something funny and outrageous. It's like taking a quick holiday. We momentarily forget the pressures from our daily lives, and we stop thinking about our problems too... So now is best time to perform that prank that you've been yearning to pull off!

A Fake DNA Test Kit from FakeABaby can grant your inner wish to pull off a safe and humorous joke, and at the same time can be instrumental in fulfilling your desire to laugh out loud!

Prank your brother or sister that they are adopted by showing them a 'Mismatch' result from the Instant Fake DNA Test from FakeABaby!

Prank your husband or baby-daddy that your child isn't his baby using our New Style Personalized Fake DNA Test.

Goof around with your friends by incorporating a fake DNA test to your prank with the use of the Fake DNA Test Laboratory Style!

Whichever Fake DNA Test you choose, you are guaranteed of a high-quality, effective and funny prank item that will make you triumphant in bringing smile and laughter to the people involved. Go ahead and pull off a Fake DNA Test prank now. Order at FakeABaby! 

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