Awesome Halloween Pranks and Gags –


Awesome Halloween Pranks and Gags


Halloween is the perfect moment to pull off a shockingly terrifying Halloween prank that will give priceless smiles to your loved ones faces, which are bound to leave everyone with cherish-worthy memories!

There are lots of excellent holidays where you could spend in a hilarious way by injecting some creativity and fun through a marvelous joke. For sure, you're gonna be busy with the preparation for the actual event or holiday itself, so pulling off an intricate Halloween prank is not necessary. Save up all your energy for a funny prank with the easy Halloween prank ideas from FakeABaby!

Find your way to the creativity department as you plan for an exciting Halloween prank that will give your typical Halloween celebrations that much-needed lift!

Classy and OC? Well, you do not need to follow the norm of doing a Halloween prank that's filled with artificial blood and an air of gore. With the 'shocking' items from FakeABaby, you can terrify you prank victims in a tasteful, clean, tidy and funny way possible!

Give them a bolt from the blue by giving them a big announcement — that you're preggers! Then remove all doubts and suspicions by showing them a Halloween fake ultrasound photo!

Needing a realistic pregnancy costume? The Halloween pregnancy suit will help you attain that preggo look that you are wanting to achieve for a Halloween costume party!

Fancy pulling off a Halloween boob job prank? See their jaws drop as you show your humongous boobies with the help of the FakeABaby Huge Silicone Boobies!

Wanna strut ala-Kardashian this Halloween? Wear the FakeABaby Silicone Butt Pads and achieve that huge butt… and put everyone in awe!

Frighten them with a fake Halloween mishap by surprising them with a Fake X-ray that shows a bottle up in the ass!

If you have a thrilling prank in mind, try incorporating the wondrous Halloween prank items and gag gifts offered by FakeABaby. Get yours NOW! 

Image Source: darksouls1 / 446 images via Pixabay under the Creative Commons CC0 license.

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