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Personalized Newspaper Birth Announcement

What would be the best way to kill boredom at home, on a lazy weekend? Indeed, there are so many tried-and-tested ways on how you can avoid getting super uninterested by utilizing your creativity, while being able to bring simple joys to the people around you. But if you want to be guaranteed of spending your weekend with a bang, then you could never go wrong if you decide to pull off a prank. When pranks are talked about, people express delight upon thinking about the hilarious ways on how to do it, but eventually veer away from it because of the tediousness and all the hard work it entails. Luckily, there are now lots of options for super simple and wondrously effortless pranks!


With the words "simple", "easy", "effective" and "unique" in mind, Fake a Baby has come up with a gag gift that's sure to set your victims (and even yourself and your accomplices!) into a wonderful time of laughter and fun! The Personalized Newspaper Birth Announcement is actually a great add on to a fake pregnancy prank, but it is also a perfect, standalone prank item for your parents, siblings, relatives, friends, roommates, significant other - everyone!

Surprise your parents with a newspaper birth announcement with your name on it and see their shocked reactions! Is your sibling returning from a year long backpacking trip in Asia? astonish them with this newspaper birth announcement and witness their reactions!

Do you have a friend who keeps on postponing your meet-up? Why not have her name on a newspaper birth announcement, and ask her to meet you all as you have just found out that she has just given birth? You'll be sure that she will not think twice in meeting with you all up ASAP!

A Personalized Newspaper Birth Announcement is also an excellent item for non-pranking ways! If you were delayed in submitting an actual birth announcement to your local newspaper or you simply want a birth announcement printed on a real newspaper, then you can certainly have it your way with the Fake a Baby Personalized Newspaper Birth Announcement.


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