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State of the Art Modern Fake Ultrasounds

State-of-the-art. Innovative. Cutting-edge. We often hear these words nowadays. Things that reflect these descriptions are quite impressive. They catch our attention and keep us intrigued. Although we love the refreshing air of old fashioned items and classy stuff, there's no doubt that the bolder appeal of the modernized items and fresher styles keep us drawn.

To meet the preferences of women (and even men!) who opt for bolder and ultramodern designs and appeal, FakeABaby is proud to offer a new array of fake ultrasounds that boast a more avant-garde and forefront design. Our classic fake 2D and fake 3D ultrasounds are already impressive: they look and feel 100% real! And our New Ultra Fake Ultrasound Designs look remarkably genuine and feel very authentic as well, but it definitely has a sleeker, more defined and definitely trendier look, that makes the experience of owning a fake ultrasound or pulling off a fake ultrasound prank taken to the next level!

You will be pleased by the crisp and well-defined images, a sophisticated overall look and super unique version that will blow your mind! There is a 100% chance that your fake ultrasound prank will be a successful one — this fake ultrasound will not only make your fake pregnancy joke believable; as you allow them to look and appreciate this New Ultra Fake Ultrasound, they're gonna be impressed by the quality of it, even making them think that you got this ultrasound from one the first rate, topnotch clinic or hospital in your area!

The New Ultra Fake Ultrasound has two incredible versions. Whichever you choose, you're gonna be completely happy and satisfied with its look and quality!


Personalize your New Ultra Fake Ultrasound in the most effortless way! Provide the patient name, physician name (not a real name), hospital or clinic name (not a real facility name), date of ultrasound, gender of fetus (choose from almost 20 options!) and the type of media that you want for your fake ultrasound. You also get to enjoy the option of adding a security hologram to your fake ultrasound document to make it even look more legit!

Have fun with the stylish, sophisticated and stunning look of your New Ultra Fake Ultrasound from FakeABaby!

Image Source: epicantus / 153 images via Pixabay under the CC0 Creative Commons license. 

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