Prank Using Your Fake Boobies –


Prank Using Your Fake Boobies

Someone's gonna be naughty and b*tchy soon!

We all need to show our mischievous side once in a while. You can actually do it just for fun or perhaps you can simply pull it off to get even with someone who's becoming a real pain in the ass. Or you can certainly do it to amplify your confidence — you'll never know where your self-assurance will take you and the kind of success that you'll achieve by having faith and trust in yourself!

If you are happy with the way you look and you feel good about yourself, that pleasant feeling will definitely get translated to the other facets and areas in your life. The possibilities may be boundless and you don't need to put limitations on what you can accomplish... and usually, big achievements start from little things and small transformations.


Got low self-esteem because of your small cup size? Do you always get shy whenever you stand or speak in front of people, feeling all paranoid thinking that they ridicule your flat chest? Getting crazy already on how you can get your dream figure right away, without going through a painful and expensive surgery?

You need not worry because the fake boobs from FakeABaby are here to help you find the happiness and confidence that you need in order to succeed by leaps and bounds!

No matter what reason you have in wearing the Huge Silicone Boobies, even if it is for empowerment, to satisfy your curiosity, to gratify a fetish, or merely for 'entertainment purposes only', you will be surprised by how impressive this product is. Regardless if you wear it without a bra, or put it on with a bigger bra, you will surely be fascinated and delighted by the experience of wearing these truly one-of-a-kind Huge Silicone boobies!

Take revenge and show your ex your new to-die-for figure! Let your enemies know the real definition of ENVY as they stare at your fuller boobs. Surprise your boyfriend or hubby on your date with a plunging neckline and a chest that almost spills. Pull off your character on a movie production successfully with your pregnant suit and pregnant boobs. Prank your family and friends and tell them that you've just gotten a boob job; or simply up your confidence with a better-looking physique!

Go ahead! Order the FakeABaby Huge Silicone Boobies and be sexy NOW!  

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