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Funny and Fabulous

Your personality makes you beautiful. Yes, you can certainly improve yourself in various areas but your personality will shine beyond your physical beauty and your accomplishments if it expresses different qualities that are both positive and inspiring. Most of the time, guys become drawn to women because of their personality. Of course, physical appearance matters and attraction usually transpires on the initial encounter, but a great personality is definitely a huge factor in keeping a guy hooked, towards a great longevity of relationships.

Hot guys with poor personality versus average-looking men with a great sense of humor. You've guessed it right. Many women would swoon over sexy and handsome guys but most of them will definitely love hanging out and having an awesome relationship with guys who have a fantastic personality and an unbelievable sense of humor. Through time, beauty becomes a familiarity and we as persons yearn for something that is refreshing and uplifting, in a way that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Something that is felt!

So basically, more and more smart men these days can't have enough of ladies who are oozing with an awesome sense of humor. It somehow boosts a great personality. In a way, it intensifies sex appeal. It makes someone more interesting and more captivating. Men and women oftentimes dislike predictability, routine and monotony, so adding a touch of hilarity and humor in our daily lives and in the relationships that we have is a surefire way to enhance ourselves and the relationships that matter to us.

Speaking of sense of humor, there are plenty of ways on how we could show our comical side. By being witty, as a woman, make sure that you still remain tasteful regardless if you are planning to pull off a funny prank.

Keep in mind that you should be classy, funny and fab! Do not sacrifice your elegance and allure for cheap jokes and tacky antics. For the best, funny prank toys for the ladies, Fake a Baby is here to help.

Fake a Baby provides a lovely collection of gag gifts that can be described as sexy, classy, naughty and fun — all at the same time! So whenever you feel like needing some therapeutic activity, pull off a prank using the phenomenal items from Fake a Baby. As long as you use it 'For Entertainment Purposes Only', you will be surprised how it could exhilarate you, boost your confidence and spread happiness in your relationships. Go ahead girl, pull off a funny prank now!

Image Source: Jean Beaufort via PublicDomainPictures under the CC0 Public Domain license.

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