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Sexy and Naughty Pranks

Allow yourself to bag that title of being a pranking extraordinaire with the abundance of hilarious gag gifts and stirringly sexy prank items that are unique, out-of-this-world, and certified funny which are offered by FakeABaby!

FakeABaby provides an exciting assortment of prank toys designed to make the most out of your spoof, without the stress, sweat, money to spend, and sans the tons of hours to waste. If you fancy an easy, effective and amazing prank, then brace yourself for a fantastic time browsing, choosing and crafting the trick that you are about to pull on your dear SO, family, friends, colleagues or perhaps, even on random people!

If you desire to give your boyfriend a simple lesson for his misbehavior, induce a bit of a fright on him real good with a fake ultrasound prank. Announce to him that you’re pregnant, then wait and see for his reaction. Give the whole act an hour before revealing the truth. This is enough time for him to realize his actuations, reassess his life and set priorities! Then after an hour, tell him that it was just a prank — and you will discover right then and there if your guy is really for keeps!

Tell your hubby that your period has been delayed for a week, and show him a fake pregnancy test kit. See his reactions as you make the announcement that you two are gonna have your 6th or 7th baby! And what about showing a 'positive' pregnancy test to him even if you are already ligated? Hmm… Sounds fun! See his stunned reaction; and enjoy laughing afterwards!

Wanna spite your gossipmongers, hateful, annoying or bullying neighbors? Wear a pair of the FakeABaby silicone huge boobs and walk across the street, tend your garden or do any other errands outdoors as you parade your seemingly new boobs, then let them wallow in jealousy and envy as they stare at your new gorgeous-er figure!

Or take your pranking escapade to a whole new level, by showing your grandparents, aunts and uncles a fake sonogram video of your so-called soon-to-be baby, then broadcast afterwards that everything was just a joke! 

Well, teasing and goofing around is indeed a great bonding moment, not to mention therapeutic!

Go ahead and pull off a sexy or funny prank with the help of the gag toys from FakeABaby! 



*Image Source: AlexVan / 124 images via Pixabay under the CC0 Creative Commons license. 

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