Become a Fake X-Ray Prank Expert! –


Become a Fake X-Ray Prank Expert!


With all the fun brought about by a plenitude of prank ideas, there's absolutely an extraordinarily spectacular gag that's gonna change your pranking perspective and gagging outlook in life. This prank is going to be your favorite!

Sure there are plenty of choices in terms of funny gags and hilarious jokes. There won't be a shortage for crazy ideas, silly antics and shocking surprises. But what if you are able to stun your prank victims on a different level? Like pulling off a prank that is topped with absolute trickery and speckled with mind-blowing tomfoolery — sans the effort, expensive costs, sweat, blood and tears?

We are happy to let our Fake X-ray transform your monotonous days into something memorable, magical and supreme without the fuss and efforts. You can certainly have a fake x-ray prank traditionally on April Fool’s Day, but you are of course free to accomplish it in any other day that's most appropriate and perfect for you. Treat your fam, friends and officemates into a prank that clearly a cut above the rest. A prank that perhaps you don't usually see on T.V. or in YouTube, which is of great news because it increases the chances of having a 100% effective joke for your victims!

You may personalize your high-quality Fake X-ray by providing the doctor's name, patient's name, hospital name, date of x-ray, and the bone that was broken. Then FakeABaby will apply its expertise in creating a brilliant fake x-ray, so realistic-looking that it will actually be mistaken for a real, legitimate x-ray! Be impressed and get totally delighted looking at the funny fake x-ray once it gets delivered to your doorstep.

You may be surprised with an assortment of options and the plenty of ways on how, when and where to carry out a funny Fake X-Ray joke. Complete your inner desire of pulling off a funny prank since your childhood and high school days!

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