Twin Belly Trick –


Twin Belly Trick

Hear plenty of LOL's as you carry out a huge prank with your huge bump! :)

Perhaps you've been hearing of fake pregnant costumes, fake bumps and fake maternity belly costumes as being used on films and theatrical productions. These are also the types that moms who are into surrogacy wear. Some famous celebrities may have worn a fake pregnancy belly not only on films, but those A-listers who secretly went into surrogacy have used a fake belly bump. Your dad or uncle may have also opted for a fake bump underneath a Santa costume, unless of course if they already have substantial beer belly to give justice to Santa Claus' popular physique!

Are you the type of a prankster who is lazy but overflows with so much creativity and drive to have fun and spread hilarity? Then you may find the Fake Twin Belly Prank ultimately simple yet uber enjoyable!

The Fake Twin Belly Prank is a nice touch to the ever-amusing and classic fake pregnancy prank using a fake pregnancy belly. Surprise your family overseas or shock your friends as you strut with your big bump. Oh, and it's not only big - it's huge as it is the largest fake pregnancy belly from Fake A Baby and may perhaps be the biggest fake pregnancy belly in the world!

Stun your buddies with this realistic fake belly from Fake A Baby during a costume party. Fascinate your family while you act as Santa Claus on Christmas wearing this very convincing fake belly. They will be amused by simply touching it, getting amazed and all that by its genuine feel and authentic appearance.

Even if you do not intend to use the Twin Fake Belly too often, you will really feel drawn to it, while getting fascinated by its impeccable look as you set your eyes on this remarkably realistic bump. Your excitement will surely get doubled as you discover that it feels and moves real as you wear it. That's because it is made with a special flesh like silicone with topnotch quality.

Wearing it is so easy. Simply adjust the neck and waist straps, and allow the adhesive backing to go and move with your body - brilliant!

Excited already? Go ahead and order this unbelievable fake twin belly from Fake A Baby

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