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Brutally Funny Fake Prescription Pranks

Say goodbye to an epic fail prank - and say hello to this phenomenal universal prank item that is suitable for all ages, genders and ideal for both fresh and experienced pranksters!

If you are leaning towards a gag that's easy, uncomplicated but is extraordinarily fun and effective, then it's about time to use the Personalized Fake Prescription from Fake a Baby and gear up for the most amazing tomfoolery that you’ll ever pull off.

Is carrying out a prank becoming a holiday tradition for you, with your family and friends serving as your prank targets? Perfect! Then the Fake Prescription Joke may be the funniest prank that you could ever try in your lifetime! :D

Do you intend to be a pain in the neck towards your ever dearest siblings? Use the Fake Prescription from Fake a Baby in becoming the most absurdly charming brother or sister ever! Think of an attitude or a certain behavior that your sibling has and order a personalized Fake Prescription for it by providing your sibling's name as the patient. You can also add other details like the doctor's name, date and address to be put on the prescription, dosage, and another exciting part - choosing the label sticker!

You may opt for an outrageous label sticker such as "May cause discoloration of urine and feces", "For Rectal Use Only", "For Vaginal Use Only"and so much more!

Make up an illness like stupidity, impotence, STD, laziness, crankiness, etc. and order a fake treatment for it in the form of Fake a Baby’s Personalized Fake Prescription.

This is absolutely funny, easy, unique and creative. An excellent tool for a parent prank, sibling prank, family prank, buddy prank, roommate prank, schoolmate prank, office prank – whatever you can think of!

Start customizing your Personalized Fake Prescription now and get it ON THIS PAGE, only from the world’s leading provider of the best gag gifts on Earth - Fake a Baby!

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