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Unmissable Father's Day Pranks

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We shouldn't miss celebrating Father's Day! It is an equally important day to be observed the same way as Mother's Day! Sure dads would like it to be low-key, simple, and laidback--but it won't hurt and will be absolutely more amazing if you pull off something special on Father's Day!

Thinking of a great Father's Day present or a cool Father's Day gift? Here are some suggestions that may help you come up with the best Father's Day surprise for the daddies in your life!

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Try to observe on what he likes or what he needs. Make his stay at home more enjoyable and active with a grill, especially if your family loves to go for a backyard barbecue. Whether for camping or on a backyard picnic, it's a useful Fathe's Day present. A handy grill that can be taken anywhere will be appreciated and never forgotten. In fact, it will be a great reason to spend a great bonding moment with the whole family outdoors!

A coffee-maker is also a functional gift which everyone in the family can use. Most fathers are busy and on the go, and a coffee is a must-have to get through the day. It's something most people drink on a regular or daily basis and for some, they won't give it a second thought! Coffee-makers are relatively affordable nowadays and can be replaced with a run down to your local store but a genuine quality coffee maker that may cost a little higher could last longer despite its day in day out use.

A quality coffee should complement a quality coffee-maker. Make sure to subscribe your dad, hubby, or a special dad in your life to a coffee subscription service. That way, you can ensure that he always got an excellent cup of coffee each day with his amazing new coffee-maker.

A ceramic mug, a spill-proof mug or a tumbler with a classy or cool design around the worlds "World's Greatest Dad" is a timeless gift idea. Some get tired of the thought--but let's face it--men are appreciative and because they don't want to complicate things, they won't overthink nor think twice in using that nice mug! There are options such as temperature-controlled mugs which will be very useful whenever your dad chooses a hot coffee or an ice-cold one.

Another special gift is the gift of experience in the form of a prank! A Father's Day prank such as a fake pregnancy test prank, fake boob job prank, or a fake ultrasound prank captured on video is a great way to make your 2020 Father's Day extra memorable and extra hilarious. Perfect to give the whole family a one big, hearty laugh!

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