We report scams and fraudulent customers | Fake a baby – FakeaBaby.com

We report scams and fraudulent customers. Want to be famous on the internet? Try and scam us.

Some customers seem to believe it's okay to purchase products and file chargebacks with their banks. This is FRAUD. It is a crime to defraud a business this way. Guess what? We love reporting you! We will not only report you to your local police department. After that, we submit you and all of your info to collections, then we will report you to various Customer Blacklisting websites for reporting people like you! What does this do? It helps other companies block you from ordering. Even large companies such as Amazon and Bestbuy are sick of you. Guess what? They have talked about implementing blacklists like the ones we support. 

Think again before you try to rip us off. It's a crime.