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A Halloween Fake Pregnancy Prank

Thinking of how to scare your loved ones this coming Halloween? Well, it may be an overpowering feeling to plan for an impressive and frightening joke, but try visualizing all the laughter that you'd hear from them after your adventure and begin thinking of the memories that you will be creating - then you'll soon realize that it's definitely all worth it! A simple Halloween pregnancy belly may be the perfect gag gift for your trouble-free Halloween prank!

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Feeling immensely weary from all the fuss that you've been going through every Halloween? Putting so many hours to complete a costume or a Halloween-themed setup, and spending too much to make your Halloween vision into reality? If you're getting very bored to tears with it, chances are, the people around you may also feel the same way! Hey, there's nothing wrong with the old school way of celebrating Halloween - it will always be timelessly fun. But you can definitely innovate and add a hilarious touch into it, making it even more fun and exceptional.

Or better yet, add a fresh twist to your Halloween costume. A pregnant White Lady, Maleficent, or even Dracula or Harley Quinn (LOLOL) – why not? Let them burst into sniggers and cackles, and be satisfied with the attention and entertainment that you have given to them during one of the liveliest events of the year.

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Achieve a successful Halloween prank by a pregnancy belly prank. Flabbergast your significant other by telling them that you're carrying their child. Stun your sissy or cousin overseas and witness how they'd react if you show them a photo that you're preggers! Shock your folks that your tummy has just gotten huge and you're unsure if you're really pregnant and see how confused, worried and surprised their reaction would be. Don't forget to use all your acting flair, walk as if your tummy is just too heavy to bear, and then break the news that everything's just a Halloween pregnancy belly prank! Set yourself for a remarkable Halloween experience this 2015!

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