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A Phenomenal Halloween Spoof

Sure you're all set for a fun Halloween! But how about thinking of some other ways on how to make it even more amusing? Learning how to fake a pregnancy for a Halloween is a great choice to pull off an unparalleled fake pregnancy prank this Halloween! 

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Gone are the days when people were very gullible and easy to fleece. In this day and age, they will not easily believe what you say right there and then. Oftentimes, they need proof and look for some other facts first vbefore actually believing in an information that you share with them, especially if the news is about “you”. Speaking of a fake pregnancy prank, you cannot just simply show up and tell them that you're pregnant without any preparation and by not having the right tools for your prank. A fake pregnancy belly may be a good way to achieve a splendid fake pregnancy prank, but showing them a fake 2D ultrasound or a fake 3D sonogram, and utilizing some of your remarkable "dramaturgy", then you're in for a truly triumphant and one-of-a-kind crazy performance!

If you're planning to trick the people closest to you, a fake pregnancy test is a classy way to achieve a funny pranking escapade. Show your husband, boyfriend, parents or siblings the pregnancy strip that yields a false positive. See their different reactions while keeping your giggles and chuckles to yourself. Make sure not to burst into laughter while you're on the process of executing your rowdiness as you don't want your Halloween prank to collapse! 

Aside from the humorous and ultimately naughty fake ultrasound and fake pregnancy test strips, you can also try using a fake pregnancy belly, a fake pregnancy announcement or a fake DNA test - you're choice! Now that you know how to fake a pregnancy for a Halloween, you can never go wrong with it as long as you properly plan to create a memorable gag or spoof this Halloween that's "for entertainment purposes" only. :)