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Fake Pregnant Belly and Fake Baby Bump for Secret Surrogacy

While other coupes conceive easily, getting pregnant or the pregnancy itself can be difficult for some couples. Some go for different treatment options. Others choose to undergo surrogacy and use a surrogate mother no matter how challenging it will be. A surrogate mother bears the child for a couple. Some families choose to use a surrogate openly for instance, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West; Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, to name a few. Some couples opt to go on a surrogacy journey privately. For this choice, keeping it confidential is important as it is already a matter of privacy. Oftentimes, surrogacy is done when there are pregnancy risks and complications present.

Keeping surrogacy a secret is beneficial that's why many couples choose this decision. It lets the family preserve the privacy while dealing with the life-changing event. The arrangement of surrogacy should be kept private and safe. Most couples choose to keep their surrogacy journey a secret not only to their families and friends, but to their communities as well. Some do fake a pregnancy while the surrogacy process is ongoing.The comissioning parents prefer the surrogacy to be a secret to avoid any problems in the future should their child discovers this legal agreement. Couples also want to veer away from any controversies. They want to maintain their social obligation to keep as well as their image to preserve thus choosing to maintain their privacy. Because of the challenges and stigma that may be brought about by surrogacy, couples do it in secret.

A 30-Week Stage Fake Pregnancy Belly

A 30-Week Stage Fake Pregnancy Belly

Doing it in secret means concealing the truth and/or imitating the pregnancy or pretending to be pregnant. Some women wear silicone baby bump, fake baby bumps, and pregnancy silicone belly in different stages. They do this to avoid the stress of the social stigma.

A 36-Week Stage Silicone Fake Belly

A 36-Week Stage Silicone Fake Belly

Whether the surrogacy is commisioned by a rich couple or not, the privacy for a surrogate carrying the baby is also highly important. The surrogate is a person living a normal life and should not be in the public eye and scrutiny. There are a lot of risks when there's too much attention. Sometimes, it changes the family's life and that of the surrogate so it is always best to keep this journey in private. For those who are trying to conceive and have failed pregnancies many times, going for a surrogacy is a good way to avoid complications and somehow ensure a successful pregnancy.

Indeed, surrogacy is an overwhelming journey but together, it is the most rewarding path that couples and surrogates will take.

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