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How to Take Revenge on Your Husband's Mistress

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Cheating...scandals...lies...controversies. Whether cheating happens in private individuals, celebrities, or public figures, the pain and effects are still the same. While some affairs lead to separation or divorce, many couples who experienced infidelity actually turned it into an opportunity to strengthen their marriage and relationship. 

The ability to forgive a cheating spouse, a chance for the cheating spouse to change their ways and help their significant other to cope, and the support of marriage counselors, families, and friends are just some of the ways that couples can do to save their marriage. It might be challenging and complicated, but it's definitely worth fighting for if the individuals choose to give it another shot.

According to the Infidelity Statistics via HerNorm, about 40% of unmarried relationships and 25% of marriages see at least one incident of infidelity.

Some situations do need an intervention. For women, there are common ways to take revenge on your SO's mistress. Search for it on the Internet and you'll see a bunch of tips. But now more than ever, you can get back on your husband's or SO's mistress in a classy and harmless way, with the help of the FakeABaby items! Read on to know more about the best revenge against a cheating husband!

1. Fake Medical Test

Fake Medical Test


Smile while pulling off a Fake Medical Test result prank! Send her your husband's so called medical test result to the mistress showing that he's infected with a Sexually Transmitted Disease. The FakeABaby Medical Test is realistic. Enough to make your hubby's mistress cry!

2. Fake Pregnancy Test

Fake Pregnancy Test

Tell your husband's mistress that you're pregnant (even if you're not) by showing her the false positive result of the FakeABaby Fake Pregnancy Test Strip. If you want to make it more realistic, capture on vid showing her the test strip before you go to the toilet and showing her the positive result afterwards after peeing on it! Prank your hubby too...and he will surely scratch his head and eventually re-evaluate his ways!

3. Fake Ultrasound

 Fake Ultrasound

If your hubby is a notorious cheater and you know his mistress/es, let them know that one of the mistresses is preggers by sending them a copy of a FakeABaby Personalized Fake Ultrasound. Let the mistresses fight each other while you get a good laugh! Truly a great revenge on your husband's other women!

4. Fake Pregnant Belly

Fake Pregnant Belly

Send photos of a pregnant woman, who is in fact wearing the FakeABaby Fake pregnancy belly in 1st trimester belly, 2nd trimester belly, and 3rd trimester belly! Tell the mistress that you have discovered your husband's another woman and that there's too many of them and one is apparently pregnant! Give her a migraine!

5. Fake Silicone Boobs

Fake Silicone Boobs

Spite your husband's mistress with your newer svelte figure. Show your bigger boobies and gorgeous figure while wearing the FakeABaby Huge Silicone Fake Boobs. Make your husband's mistress too insecure on you! Or send her a message that your husband just spent thousands of dollars on your boob job. This will make the mistress super jealous and anxious that soon, the affair will end. An easy cheating revenge for a homewrecker!

The above pranks can help the other woman re-asses the affair. Sometimes, a shocking prank is a good way to teach them a lesson!

Beat your husband's mistress real good with an online prank! Choose from the wide array of gag gifts and prank items at!

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