Valentines Day Lockdown Ideas

Single, In a Relationship, It's Complicated, In an Open Relationship--whatever your status is, this year's Valentine's Day is a great way to surprise your partner, your family, or your loved ones with the best Valentine's Day prank like no other. This year's Valentine's Day is indeed extraordinary. Why? Unless you're a centenarian, this might be your first time to celebrate Valentine's Day during a pandemic!

You are free to try the old school ways of celebrating Valentine's Day. Due to the lockdown, the safety protocols, and social distancing, you have the option to buy a typical Valentine's Day gift, creat a DIY Valentine's Day present, or by baking a cake or some cookies for a loved one. There's plenty of ways you can celebrate Valentine's Day in lockdown. Or, you can make it unique and hilariously memorable which is quite fitting for this crazy time!

The following Valentine's Day ideas are super funny, guaranteed to make this year's Valentine's Day truly fun, remarkable, and unforgettable!

1. Valentine's Day Idea: Fake Pregnancy

Staying at home during Valentine's Day while having a wacky time is still achievable! Shock your friends online with a fake pregnancy prank by showing them a fake pregnancy test kit that yields a false positive. Even your gay buddy's pee will yield a positive result. Outrageous!

2. Valentine's Day Idea: Fake Xray

Want to avoid a gathering but don't know how to say it without offending the host? Tell them last minute that you just had a mishap. No need for a lengthy explanation when you send them a Fake X-ray of a bottle up your ass. Jaw-dropping, yes, but no words needed, LOL!

3. Valentine's Day Idea: Fake Boobs

Another way to surprise everyone online this February 14th! Post snapshots of a more gorgeous and more curvaceous you by wearing the FakeABaby silicone fake boobies. They will be perplexed if you actually had a boob job and some might be envious of you. Will you divulge the truth or leave them confused? Whatever the case may be, the decision is yours! Just enjoy your bigger boobs, better cleavage, and more enhanced look!

4. Valentine's Day Idea: Fake Ultrasound

Say "Happy Valentine's Day" in an astounding way! Get a personalized fake ultrasound with your name on it and simply post it on your social media account. You will be bombarded with lots of messages, raising eyebrows, and more while enjoying your Valentine's Day prank! This is your chance to see who your real friends are and who will gossip about you, LMAO!

5. Valentine's Day Idea: Fake DNA Test

A great family prank is in store for you! Being bullied by your siblings? Worry no more as the Fake DNA Test prank will make 2021's Valentine's Day hard to forget for your sissy or brother! Prank them that they're adopted or better yet, show the report that your DNA and that of El0n Musk is a match, making you the sister of the richest man in the world; or your DNA and Queen Elizabeth's DNA are a match, making you the queen's grandchild. Wow!

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These funny activities are a must-try this Valentine's Day! Grab the FakeABaby items which are ON SALE now and enjoy a marvelous Valentine's Day this pandemic sans the hassle!

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