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Fake Ultrasound - Strip of 4 — 2D Customized

2D Fake Ultrasound Sonogram


Celebrity issues, bad publicities, juicy gossips, and controversies often makes our routinary, dull days more exciting. Celebrities and public figures are often the center of it. But anyone can of course pull off a funny prank that brings about shock and terror! Tell your spouse that you're pregnant with your 8th child. Surprise your grandad that your 80-year-old grandma is pregnant. See how your dad's jaw drop upon telling him that mom is pregnant--even after a tubal ligation! Fool everyone with our realistic 2D Customized Fake Ultrasound!

Our classic fake 2d ultrasounds delights our customers. But our astounding 2D Customized Fake Ultrasound Strip of 4 Fake Sonogram Photos makes the whole fake ultrasound pranking experience extraordinary! There are 12 versions to choose from in either first, second, or third trimester. It's so easy to personalize and add all the information! Super fast shipping. Email delivery is done in as early as 30 minutes! Achieve the fake pregnancy prank that you have in mind. Don't settle for anything less. Avoid the tacky-looking fake ultrasounds online and indulge in the legitimate-looking, premium customizable fake ultrasounds with vivid images and high-quality paper. An exceptional fake ultrasound strip of 4 fake sonogram photos from Fake A Baby is what you deserve!