The Perfect Halloween Costume Belly Prank –


The Perfect Halloween Costume Belly Prank

Halloween is coming! It’s about to time to accomplish the craziest, funniest and perhaps the scariest prank that you can ever imagine this year! If you can't get over the prank bug and couldn’t wait for April to do a hilarious gag, take advantage of this year's Halloween celebration and be inspired to create a rowdiness that's so unforgettable, it will still make everyone snicker in the years to come. If you want to have a gag that's extremely easy to carry out, something where you only get to spend less than $ 10.00 and to release yourself from a fussy and complicated prank, then performing a prank using a Halloween costume belly is a great idea that's unpredictable enough to fool your victim and make memories!

Who says that a Santa Claus Belly is only meant to be worn during Christmas? With Fake a Baby's Fabric Fake Santa Claus Belly Costume you can use it all year round in a pranking scheme that requires a pregnancy belly, a Santa Claus belly or even a beer belly. And you are more than welcome to change the size of the Halloween costume belly easily by either adding or removing the Polyfil filler to change the its size. Amazing!

If you want something with a specific size for a Halloween fake pregnancy belly prank, you can choose between a pregnancy belly with a size of a 20 to 25 week stage of pregnancy or the one with the 32 to 36 week stage of conception. Also pick a colour between Nude and Mocha that would perfectly complete your Halloween joke.

Love to have the a larger Halloween costume belly? Then the Silicon Fake Pregnancy Belly "Twins" will meet that need of yours! This is also available in Nude and Mocha.

Go ahead and pick a Halloween costume belly and prepare yourself for loads of fun! 

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