The Best Halloween Gag Gifts this 2015 –


The Best Halloween Gag Gifts this 2015

Say goodbye to the traditional way to fright your loved ones and friends on Halloween. This 2015, let them taste a different form of spookiness with an uber funny prank that will easily convert their shock into heaps of laughter and fun. You don't need to deal with the goos and slimy stuff that you use in intensifying the horrific factor of your Halloween antic. The spider webs, bloodstains, and all that are scattered everywhere are absolutely fun, but think about how to deal with it afterwards - when the occasion is over and it's about time to clean everything up. Are your buddies willing to help you out to tidy your clutter and muddle up with the same eagerness that they have shown to you before and during Halloween? Well, we hope so! But if you're not interested in getting tired once again after a very exhausting deed then try simplifying your Halloween gag without really lessening its fear-provoking feature. Choose from the petrifying Halloween gag gifts from Fake a Baby and you'll find out what we're talking about!  

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1. Fake Pregnancy Belly

Pull off a joke that will shock your friends. Why not wear a fake pregnancy belly this Halloween and tell them that you're preggers? You will leave them scratching their heads with confusion, but will definitely set them for a laughing spree when you divulged the truth afterwards!

2. Fake 2D Ultrasound

Show your sissy a fake 2D ultrasound and tell them that you're expecting. Think about the headache that she will have. Will she tell it to your parents or not? Then reveal the truth to her - that she's just been pranked this Halloween!

3. Fake 3D Ultrasound

A fake 3D ultrasound is much more convincing – maybe try using it in performing a 30-minute Halloween joke to your husband or boyfriend? Let them know that you're expecting and witness how they'd react. Would they feel elated, worried or both? Nevertheless, set yourself for an absolutely special time that will not only increase the bond between the two of you, but will create an unforgettable moment of giggles and chuckles!

4. Fake DNA Test

Now is the right time for your biggest crush to become your baby daddy! Fool your friends that your daughter's daddy is the gorgeous Chris Evans or the super hot Ryan Gosling? :D Well, it's very easy to do so with a fake DNA test. Treat them to a moment of jealousy and let them indulge in so much tehee when you've already revealed that they were just a victim of a Halloween fake DNA test prank!

5. Fake Pregnancy Test

You've got sooo much plans and your family knows about that. Your high hopes and aspirations are hugely supported by your loved ones and you really appreciate that. Show your love for them in a naughty way! Will they still support you when they hear that you're pregnant? Oh boy! Well, be sure to treat them to a scrumptious dinner after being so wayward with your fake pregnancy test prank this Halloween!

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Now that you've realized how amazing it is to carry out a Halloween prank in a classy way, it's best to choose the best prank for you and your loved ones and friends this Halloween from this hilarious list of wacky Halloween gag gifts from Fake a Baby

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