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Halloween Hoax

Where else would you find the wackiest and most horrifying hoax to execute this coming Halloween? You are probably here because you are the type who's unique, tasteful, and someone who's leaning towards a one-of-a-kind prank, and we're absolutely sure that the wide range of the Halloween gag gifts from Fake a Baby will surely meet your need in producing a high-quality, convincing and effective Halloween prank that's ultimately effortless to accomplish, but definitely looks as if too much time, money and effort are spent on it! Browse through these awesome pranking stuff and pick a high quality, and a surprisingly cheap Halloween gag gift!

PHOTO COURTESY OF Skeleton devil menaces mother with erupting fetus via Photopin and can be reused under the CC BY license.



What's the best way to faze and browbeat your loved ones and pals? Well, a Halloween fake pregnancy prank can bring them to an unusual sort of a nightmarish terror! Pull it off in about 30 minutes to 1 hour and you’ll immediately see how effective it is in chilling them to the bone! Pretend that you're preggers using these ahh-mazing gag gifts and Halloween prank items that can be equally effective in serving your pranking plan this Halloween!

1. fake 2D ultrasound

2. fake 3D ultrasound

3. fake pregnancy test

4. fake pregnancy belly

5. personalized fake proof of pregnancy document

6. personalized fake newspaper birth announcement

Best of all, the prices of these items aren't actually frightening - for as low as $9.99, you'd get an amazing, ridiculously cheap Halloween gag gift which you can actually keep and reuse in the future in bringing so much fun while building memories among your buddies and loved ones!

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