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April Fool's Day SALE Galore


This year, pull off a crazy April Fool's Day Prank that is unbelievably unique and absolutely shocking--yet still wrapped with all the fun and goodness of a harmless, crazy prank!

We love hilarious pranks that are pulled off effortlessly--without having to spend too much! And because we want you to purely and absolutely have fun this April Fool's Day, without having to worry about the huge costs, then we are providing our beloved customers a 20% DISCOUNT ON ALL ITEMS this month! This means that our existing affordable gag gifts and prank toys are now priced even better, but for this month only so it's best to HURRY so your purchase will come just in time for April Fool's Day!

Prank your sibling that he is adopted with our wonderful Fake DNA Test Kits! Show your best friend your new titties with a Fake Boob Job Prank using our Fake Silicone Boobies! Throwing a bachelorette party soon? Why not include an outrageous surprise on your party--by giving away our fake pregnancy test kits that will make every bridesmaid of yours preggers instantaneously on your bachelorette night, haha! So crazy and naughty, right? Or better yet, feel what it's like to be pregnant by wearing our super realistic silicone fake pregnancy bellies. The fit, the weight, the look and everything about it will give you a full preggy look and feeling. If you're planning to use it for a prank then you're in for a truly convincing time!

In pulling off our fake ultrasound pranks and fake pregnancy pranks, you do not need an expert level of artistry and creativity. All you need are the amazing prank items and gag gifts from FakeABaby and you will be surprised how convincing they are in making a fool out of your prank victims--the essence of April Fool's Day Pranks!



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