March SALE Madness: 20% OFF on all items! –


March SALE Madness: 20% OFF on all items!


This month, FakeABaby is happy to celebrate the "Customer Appreciation Month". To show our love and gratitude to our much-loved customers and to welcome new customers into an array of awesome gag gifts and prank items, we will be offering 20% OFF on all items. Yes, that's right! You are entitled to a 20% discount for each and every FakeABaby item that you will be purchasing within the month of March!

But don't wait till the month is almost over before placing your order. Some of our items are on LIMITED STOCKS so we encourage you to check out our exciting products and place your order as soon as you can so that you can enjoy an item that you really want and to save a fraction of the cost, all while being able to benefit from the fun, unique, and high-quality items from FakeABaby. This indeed means HUGE savings on your April Fools Day Prank!

FakeABaby is the leading destination for hilarious prank items and awesome gag gifts that will absolutely satisfy your cravings for a funny and memorable time! Our beloved customers are a mixture of both newbie and expert pranksters which only prove that our items are flexible and versatile enough in being used in whatever intensity of a prank that you have in mind! Most of our customers use our products for their fashion needs too. Whether you are aiming for a simple gag or are into a bigger, more complex prank, you can easily incorporate one of our wonderful items to make your dream pranking escapade a total reality!



Our pregnancy-based gag gifts such as our Fake Pregnancy Test KitsFake DNA Test KitsFake UltrasoundsFake Sonogram VideosFake Pregnancy DocumentsFake BoobiesFake Pregnant Bellies, and Silicone Fake Butt and more are perfect for a fake pregnancy prank that are set to render your parents, significant other, aunt, or granny speechless! 



Show your mom the positive result on the FakeABaby fake pregnancy test kit and see how she reacts when she knows that you are single! Surprise your hubby with the FakeABaby 3D fake ultrasound for a fake pregnancy prank and tell him that you are expecting and see how shocked, baffled and puzzled he gets--how would he react if you're telling him that you are expecting your 7th baby? Or, for the biggest prank that your family can experience, why not pull off a "Granny is Pregnant Prank"? How? With a fake pregnancy test, fake ultrasound test or a fake sonogram video, this is highly achievable!


For a cosmetic surgery prank, our Silicone Huge Boobs and Silicone Butt Pads are the bestsellers! Fool your jealous or gossipmonger neighbor into thinking that you've recently had a boob job and strut with confidence ala-Kim Kardashian and let her melt with so much envy! Known for having a pancake ass in the office? Show your revenge with a more svelte figure by wearing our silicone butt pads and shapewear and become the hottest-looking employee with those luscious curves. All these and more without having to go under the know and without spending hundreds of dollars. Amazing!


We know that everyone loves a good deal coupled with a guarantee of fun and excitement for you! That's why we are delighted to give you 20% OFF as a treat—for this month only—so grab them NOW!

Have fun with our March Madness Sale, lovelies! 

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