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Be in Labor with a Fake Pregnancy Prank | Fake a Baby

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Trapped at home? Yes, you can still find ways to have fun. In this trying virus-ridden time of pandemic, you are of course able to find time for lighthearted fun while on a lockdown or quarantine. There's plenty of ways to enjoy your family time further. It's a great excuse to call up some family members or friends while staying safe at home. How? Try these awesome gag ideas and funny pranks that are perfect for that Labor Day!

1. "I'm Pregnant!"

Fake Pregnancy Document


Pull off a fake pregnancy prank with a fake pregnancy test or fake pregnancy papers. A fake baby bump is also a fantastic and convincing idea! Take a photo of the false positive or the report on paper, send it to your friends online. Pull it off at home by letting your parents see that it shows a positive sign--which is of course a false one! Such an unforgettable prank, indeed! Naughty or nice, there's a perfect Labor Day gag gift or post-Labor Day prank item for you at FakeABaby!

2. Curry Caramel Apples 

Make caramelized apples but instead of using caramel, use some dark yellow curry powder. Then dip a few apples in the curry and let them dry overnight. It's a great and harmless revenge to your beloved yet annoying sibling!

3. The Aluminum or Gift Wrapper Trick 

Get some aluminum foil and wrap up individual items such as chocolate candies or cute trinkets. Hold a game to guess what is inside. It's gonna be a huge surprise for them. Using old newspapers to make it eco-friendly is also a nice idea.

4. Oreo

Oh! Chuckle as you dissect a few Oreos, remove the cream, and fill it with mayonnaise or a toothpaste to hear awesome screams and laughter!

5. Cheesy Orangy Drinks

Fill some cups with cheese powder mixed with water. Then tell your family members or friends that it's orange juice, LOL! Yum!

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