Cool Lockdown Family Activities –


Cool Lockdown Family Activities

There are so many ideas to choose from when it comes to fun activities to try during lockdown! Depending on where you are located, how many you are in the family, what your interests are, and the age of the family members, you can always come up with something to spice up your lockdown experience or uplift a lazy, boring weekend! But the best thing that could surely transform your lockdown or a slow weekend is a family prank. If you haven't done it yet, we encourage you to pull off a one-of-a-kind family prank that will make everyone laugh.

Capture it on video and upload it on Facebook, Instagram, or your favorite social media account, and you're bound to make more people smile. Now is the best time to spread laughter and positivity! There are a lot of joyful experiences as you spend the lockdown or weekend at home with family. 


Here are some picks and ideas to try for fun weekend family activities.


1. Movie Marathon

Sometimes, being at home and just doing nothing or doing a simple activity could be a great help to one's sanity. A movie marathon is a great way to de-stress from the pressures of the current global situation. There are different movies for all ages so this is a no brainer; but the best genres are comedy or horror! You can make it even more fun by having a game and the one who won could pick the movie for the night. So, put on your pajamas, prepare those nachos, popcorn, and some ice cold beer, and have a movie night marathon!

2. A Bike Trip 

Biking can be a pleasurable way to enjoy precious moments with your family. A bike ride can be a simple activity but could also be something that your family could look forward to each week. It helps your physical and mental health, as you all experience the world outside the comfort of your home or a car. Not to mention that this is a good opportunity to teach your kids about road safety. Each trip can be a special memory for your everyone!

3. Hold a Game 

Amusing family activities need not cost too much. You could have a great time playing charades, scrabble, or any sport or game that everyone loves. You can even make a challenge to see how many games you can play as a family. Families could also enjoy a hilarious activity by solving some funny riddles that are great to improve everyone's thinking ability! Prizes vary but some save their winnings towards a family getaway!

4. Swimming

Swimming is fun, no doubt. If you have a pool of your own, having a pool party during lockdown is easy. If a thermal pool or a beach is nearby and the local restrictions allow you to go for a swim, then go ahead and plan for that. This activity is relaxing while also keeping everyone on the move. You can't go wrong with the sun, sand, and seas with the people you love!

5. Pull off a Family Prank

A hassle-free merrymaking awaits! Family pranks are the best bonding activity that are sure to make everyone laugh even after so many years! Pull off the following FakeABaby prank ideas:


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