Reasons Why Women Love Fake Ultrasounds –


Reasons Why Women Love Fake Ultrasounds





Browse through our amazing array of fake ultrasounds, fake sonograms, fake ultrasound videos, and more, and be inspired to pull off the best and the wackiest fake ultrasound prank or a fake pregnancy prank!

Yes, you've heard it right! Fake ultrasounds are not only controversial--they are extremely F-U-N! Many people think that a fake ultrasound is only good for revenge pranks. Like giving your ex a dose of his own medicine; or treating a cheating partner into something that will make him realize his mistakes! Fatherhood do bring a lot of men into a realization that somehow changes them or making them admit their mistakes. It's a great thing to motivate them to change their ways with you or at least help them realize that you're not someone to mess up with! Pull off a fake ultrasound prank on him for a week and see how he digests the news that you're pregnant. Then after that, divulge the truth--we are sure that that form of meditation has made him realize his cheating ways! For non-revenge ways, a fake ultrasound is perfect to surprise your mom, dad, siblings, or friends that you're pregnant. Show them the realistic fake ultrasound in person. The authentic look and feel of the realistic fake ultrasounds from FakeABaby will allow them to think instantly that you are indeed pregnant! Post a fake ultrasound with your name on it on your social media or send it via DM to your friends. If you're the type who is single, who's unlikely to get pregnant, or someone who's not interested to become a mom soon, then this prank will just give them a day that they won't ever forget! FakeABaby Fake Ultrasounds FakeABaby is a legend when it comes to fake pregnancy items and other prank items. And for a fake ultrasound, we are the authority!


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