Keeping Surrogacy a Secret –


Keeping Surrogacy a Secret

There are plenty of reasons why a couple chooses to go for a surrogacy instead of adoption. For one, they would love to have a biological child and also to avoid the complications arising for those women who are prone to miscarriage and high risk pregnancies. But how do you carry out this life-changing event? Most couples do prefer go to the decision of keeping surrogacy a secret.

A private surrogacy is an excellent choice if someone or a couple wants to keep their business out of the public eyes. Finding the right surrogate can be done through advertisements or using an agency to find a pair. A private surrogacy allows for more freedom and prevents and gossips or issues from the people around you.

A couple looking for a surrogate mother should ensure that she signs a contract that will keep their agreement confidential. This means that the surrogate keeps all their information a secret. Couples do not want to process the feelings of having to explain to family member, relatives, and friends and letting them know about their issues why getting pregnant was a challenge for them. They take their privacy seriously and want to avoid the negative impact that it may have to their child or to those people who still think this as taboo. They want to enjoy the feelings of their child who thinks that they are the only parents without outside interference. Couples often worry about the reactions and behaviors of others that might somehow affect the child to not lead a normal life. Therefore, it's best to keep their private lives to themselves.

One of the problems that could be encountered are the requirements for surrogacy. This goes to the surrogate mother and the biological parents. They should have a clear privacy agreement, open communication, and support and help each other in order to have a successful pregnancy and delivery.

Couples who couldn't get or couldn't stay pregnant choose to hide their surrogacy journey. Contemplating on surrogacy vs. adoption, they choose surrogacy because it saves them time and the process is less tedious compared to adoption. The journey may be challenging--just like how a pregnancy really goes--but keeping a secret surrogacy spares them from the challenges of rumors and doubts from the people around them and from their child when he grows up.

For surrogate mothers, this also means they do not receive as much of a money as they do from an agency. Surrogate mothers can determine their own payment rates; but in most cases, the parents have to pay only for the medical costs that the pregnancy requires or part of it, and not much more. It is best to do your research or use a reputable agency for this.

Indeed, it's so much easier to keep surrogacy a secret. There are a lot to consider in going through surrogacy--but it's certainly worth it.


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