Funny 4th of July Pranks You Can Try During Lockdown –


Funny 4th of July Pranks You Can Try During Lockdown

Independence Day. The 4th of July is one of the yearly events that everyone looks forward to. And with the pandemic that is going on, the typical surprises, celebrations and gatherings that we usually hold outdoors or at our favourite places may not be possible to achieve. Although our movements and activities are restricted, who says we can't have fun all the same? Yes, you can celebrate Independence Day in the craziest and wackiest manner, while still maintaining that certain level of fun with the wide array of the funniest (and often controversail!) gag gifts and prank items from Fake a Baby!

With sheer effort and loads of excitement, you and your loved ones are bound to have the most unforgettable 4th of July. Well, this year is already unforgettable; but make sure that the event this year will be memorablt fun and exciting. Let's make the most of what we have, find the beauty on the things around us, and simply enjoy the lockdown 4th of July pranks and funny ideas that you, your loved ones, and friends can pull off face to face or online!

The 4th of July can be spent in so many ways and even indoors or during a lockdown! You will be surprised how creative you can be with the plethora of funny ideas and amazing activities that you and your loved ones could do this coming 4th of July!

Enjoy the traditional home activities that you and your family hold yearly like games, crafts, and sports. Prepare sumptous meals or bake a cake. These activities that sometimes left unnoticed in the previous 4th of July gatherings will surely be appreciated this time, that's for sure! Go dance with the TikTok app, or laugh out loud annoying your family members with their photos on FaceApp. Then, try the following 4th of July pranks to add some flavor!

1. 4th of July Boob Job Prank

Surprise your family or friends online that you had a boob job! Get the FakeABAby Silicone Huge Boobies, take a selfie, post it on Facebook or Instagram, and be amazed by the compliments that you receive with your bigger and better cup size! Prank your mom and dad who live in another state that you got your new breast implants! It's gonna be crazy!



2. 4th of July Fake Ultrasound Prank

Place your FakeABaby fake ultrasound somewhere in your living room. Of course, this fake ultrasound includes your name on it, so expect your siblings, parents, or significant other to be shocked and bewildered upon setting their eyes on it, haha!



3. 4th of July Fake DNA Test Prank

Get the FakeABAby fake DNA test and let your children be involved with all the fun on your fake dna test prank! Well, kids are ultimately fun-loving so it's guaranteed that they will be proactive in participating on the prank, whether you're pulling it off on their sibling or on your spouse!



4. 4th of July Fake Prescription Prank

This is a timely prank indeed! Carry out this fake medicine prank using the FakeABaby fake prescription. Order a customized label for being the most slacker at home, foul-mouthed illness, a 'nagger' condition, being 'paranoid' , a super 'vain' sissy, or someone who doesn't get full and a certified 'glutton'!


5. 4th of July Fake X-Ray Prank

Are you avoiding someone this 4th of July? Send them the fake x-ray from FakeABaby showing a bottle that's stuck inside your ass! Well, they won't pressure you to meet with them for sure because of the situation, LOL! Or, be a boss on the 4th of July! Send this x-ray to your boss and he will surely give you a leave. You would also show this to your family members so they won't give you any household chores!

With the 4th of July pranks, you add some edgy and naughty touch to your usual celebration. Add something to spice up your day by adding a comical activity in the form of the FakeABaby pranks. You'll realize that having a good laugh with your loved ones provides a refreshing feeling, a certain kind of optimism, and faith that will push the whole family to have the "We will overcome this pandemic!" attitude!

So, make sure that you wrap your hands around the best and the brightest 4th of July pranks stuff and gag gifts so that the time with your family and friends--during the lockdown--will be a memorable and still a crazy one, filled with LOLs!

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