Funny Lockdown Father's Day Pranks and Gift Ideas –


Funny Lockdown Father's Day Pranks and Gift Ideas

Now that Father's Day is fast approaching, you may be thinking about surprising your father or your husband on his special day. There are different gifts that could suit his personality and interests. Some people buy expensive presents and others just go with their good 'ole staple for the love of their life every Father's Day.

But nowadays, more and more people choose to put a lot of thought and effort into surprising and celebrating Father's Day with their dad. The more creative and unexpected it is, the better!

They say that the best gift to give your dad is a real day off, which means no work, no chores--just catering to the man's every little wish. He works hard and truly deserves some time off. And because you are gonna give him a lazy day, you and your family will have the freedom to provide the exciting experiences and activities within the day, so might as well give them 'micro-gifts' within a gift of a day off!

Buy something special as a present which you could hand him during dinner or create a DIY one. Give him a gift which you have bought through a Father's Day sale. Prepare his favorite meal, give him a pampering time at home like a massage or some aromatherapy, color his hair, trim his beard, watch a feel-good movie with him, and hold a special lunch, dinner, or backyard picnic to celebrate Father's Day with the whole family. If you have kids, let your children create a beautiful Happy Father's Day artwork which will also serve as a great bonding and creative activity.

Fake ultrasound

You can also try pulling off a great lockdown Father's Day prank! Get a fake dna test and have a good laugh while seeing his reaction as you show him a report with a 'Mis-match!' If you have been ligated, get the FakeABaby fake pregnancy test and shock him that you're preggers! Also if you have senior parents, get a fake ultrasound from FakeABaby with your mother's name on it--and surprise your dad that mom is pregnant--even if she's on her 60s or 70s already, LOL!

Make the most of your time being together during the lockdown. Make the year 2020 an unforgettable one, not only because of the pandemic, but because you have given him an extraordinary lockdown Father's Day surprise that will make him laugh, keep him inspired, and something that he will remember for the rest of his life.

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