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Lockdown Father's Day Ideas

happy father's day

With only a little over a week before the much awaited Father's Day, it may be the first time that we celebrate Father's Day during quarantine. So, make sure that your lockdown Father's Day is extra special!

With a myriad of choices when it comes to Father's Day gifts, there's gotta be something that's perfect for your dad, hubby, or the daddies in your life. Whether it's something personalized or an item that you've saved up for; a discounted item or a present with a hefty price tag--generally, your dad's or hubby's reaction will still be the same--they're gonna appreciate it, no doubt!

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Another great way to surprise your dad is to pretend you forgot Father's Day. Act as if you don't know anything special about that day. That will also make the plans that your family have been making behind his back all the better when you surprise him with that sweet family dinner, family outing, a trip to his favourite restaurant or a spot that each and everyone can be together and share their love for your father. If you have a gift, wrap it with a beautiful personalized gift wrap from FakeNewspapers.com with his name, your messages, or his favorite hobby and charactiers on it!

If you're into cooking or baking, this is the best time to treat your dad to his favorite dishes, from his breakfast to his dinner. It is surely okay to be in the kitchen all day, as will all be worth it because an absolutely fun and unforgettable day is in store for him and for the whole family. Make him his favorite dessert. Lay out all the food with the beautiful decorations and watch his surprised face.

Give him a gift hamper where he could put together all the gift that he is about to receive. You can also buy his favorite beer, a nice pair of shoes, a shirt, that favorite set of tools he always wanted, jewelry, a new coat, a satchel bag, or anything that he loves. Seriously, more than the stuff, he will love the fact that you know what he likes and what he does not. And at night, you will go to bed happy knowing how you surprised your dad or husband on his day.

With mens' different personalities and preferences, you can be sure that you have a list of the things that your father loves. Dads find a hilarious thing, video, or setup therapeutic. Tell him the dad jokes that he usually says, and pull off a lockdown Father's Day prank to make his day extra special. Think about a certain behavior that he has. If he's a total OC when it comes to his things or car, get a fake prescription from FakeABaby that you can personalize. Just provide the so-called 'ailment' and you will get the fake prescription soon to surprise him and hear his loud laugh! Or, set your mom as an accomplice. Get the FakeABaby silicone boobs, let your mom wear it, and tell your dad that mom just got a boob job, LMAO! Or better yet, order the FakeABaby silicone butt as a gift to your husband so he could enjoy your new voluptous figure! 

Enjoy your lockdown Father's Day!

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