Be Ultra Happy With Our Fake Ultrasounds –


Be Ultra Happy With Our Fake Ultrasounds


Been pregnant in the past? Relive the happy memories and the excitement but pull it off on a different level with a fake ultrasound prank or a fake pregnancy prank using the realistic-looking fake ultrasounds from FakeABaby!

Be extra and show them that you cannot just evoke a 'wow'—but you're absolutely capable of making them shout 'OMG!' as you pull off a simple prank that can bring out the best and the worst of emotions!

It's indeed great to follow the latest trends. Isn't it nice to be 'in'? Well, here's an interesting part. In the field of pranks, it's way better to accomplish something that is one-of-a-kind or never-been-heard kind of gag. The least common and the least trendy prank, the better! That's because if people are too much familiar with a certain kind of prank, chances are, you'll end up having a gag that is unsuccessful and oftentimes embarrassing.

Because we ultimately know that you hate the words unsuccessful and embarrassing, we have developed a gag gift that's so exceptional and so genuine-looking, you're gonna say goodbye to those unpleasant words and an-epic-fail-prank occurrence!

The odds will certainly be in your favor if you use a fake ultrasound for your next prank. That's because the success rate for pregnancy-based pranks such as a fake ultrasound prank or a fake sonogram prank is so high as pregnancy is a normal thing to happen. And, if you or the subject is unlikely to conceive anyway—such as being a male, being ligated already, being a homosexual, or being already vasectomized—then take advantage of the situation and pull off a fake ultrasound prank successfully with a Personalized Fake Ultrasound from FakeABaby!

Add some dazzle to a regular day by going for a funny prank! Trick your roommate or friends into thinking that you are on your 2nd trimester pregnancy by leaving a personalized ultrasound at home! You will be surprised how confused and bewildered they will be, and don't worry…it's a good thing especially in terms of pranks and gags! The more shocked and terrified they get, the better it is! And, it also goes to show that you're already becoming a highly qualified prankster!

Pull off an effective prank with an absolutely convincing prank item like a fake ultrasound that'll surely rock their world!

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