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Classy Savagery

Ever heard of a classy savagery? You might think that it is impossible to accomplish a funny cruelty in the form of a prank and still be classy, sexy and fun. But with FakeABaby, it’s of course highly achievable! Allow us to give you the opportunity to loosen up and show your mischievous side without looking tacky. Be confident, be naughty and funny, and spread joyfulness to everyone by doing a prank that is never before seen and never before heard!

Imagine the excitement of creating a surprise for your friends where you won't even lift a finger. Sure we love those pranks that are very intricate — but let's admit that we cannot accomplish a complex prank without allotting time, money, and effort into it. Some elaborate pranks even involve a number of people. If you have limited time and are a little lazy for some time-consuming gags, well, FakeABaby is here to put your hilariously savage ideas into reality!

Is your hubby, boyfriend or partner situated overseas? Prank him that you have just gotten a pair of fake boobs! Show your spillage and your screaming cleavage and see your partner stare at them online in marvel and disbelief that those girls are waiting for him! If they know how frightened you are when surgeries are talked about, then they will be super shocked for sure upon thinking that you really took the plunge!

We all love our best friends no matter how silly or crazy they are. So, pull off a gag that will shock them...something that will remind them of your wild antic for the rest of their lives! Show them a fake pregnancy test that displays a positive sign, then see how confused they get!

Are your parents coming over? Have the FakeABaby silicone pregnancy belly ready and wear them comfortably just in time of their arrival and see them stunned as you meet them by the door! This is also an excellent gag for your siblings. A fake baby bump prank is indeed one of the best family or reunion pranks!

Feeling playful online? Carrying out an online prank or some social media pranking on your friends is easy! A fake ultrasound prank or a fake video sonogram prank which you can customize according to your details and preference is a perfect online prank that will leave your prank victims speechless!

Aside from the awesome prank ideas here, FakeABaby offers other prank items that are truly worth checking out. You will laugh out loud from start to finish through your prankin' plannin'!

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