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Irresistible Gags!


You can't just resist and you can't just have enough of the breathtaking memories and amazing laughter that you're about to get as you accomplish a prank using the wide variety of funny prank items and gag gifts from FakeABaby!

Planning for that delightful prank soon but don't know where to start? Make your prank escapade a total breeze with the help of the witty, funny, and totally unique gag gifts from us! You won't say no to the happy vibe and positive atmosphere that you are about to get and bring from a delightful prank so we are sure that you cannot resist buying a gag gift or two from us!

Our gag gifts are seriously funny, not to mention effective in pulling off a joke towards your family and friends. Give in to the temptation of having a wondrous prank. Give in to the awesome and hilarious selection of prank toys and gag items from FakeABaby!

One of our best-selling prank items are our fake pregnancy test kits. These mind-boggling gag gifts are perfect for those ladies who want to prank the people close to them—in a harmless way—be it their parents, siblings, hubby, boyfriend, friends or even colleagues! A fake pregnant test kit is a very useful and effective tool to be able to pull off a fake pregnancy prank successfully, because the prankster can pee or use any kind of fluid or liquid on the test and… tada! It will yield a false positive!

Put them into a magical time as they witness how on earth a male person would get pregnant! Ask your brother, a guy friend or even a gay friend to be your pranking accomplice and let them pee on the fake pregnant test strip, so your prank victims can witness for the very first time a male pregnancy. Gosh!!!

FakeABaby is here to provide you with a fantastic selection of fake pregnancy test kits that look absolutely real and produce positive results in a matter of seconds. So, you do not have to settle for cheap, corny, awkward, and nasty pranks. Go for an awesome pranking adventure using fake pregnancy test kits on an awesome fake pregnancy prank that is for entertainment purposes only!

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