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Our Fake DNA Test Features That Make Everyone Love It!


Harness your inner prankster as you do a prank that can be controversial, hilarious, crazy, fun, harmless, and in between!

Our fake DNA tests will rock your prank victims' world! Let them dive into a pool of mischief and amusement as they set their eyes on seemingly magical prank items and gag gifts that can only be found on FakeABaby! Loosen up and show your crazy side and infect them with your awesome sense of humor as you sprinkle those laughter and joy by pulling off a fake DNA test prank!

Do not rely on your creativity in creating a fake test that will turn out to be looking really fake, cheap, and tacky. There's no denying that many people are indeed very creative and artistic—but for realistic-looking fake tests, best to leave it to the experts… best to leave it to the number one provider of fake tests for fun: FakeABaby!

Our fake medical DNA tests kits look like the ones taken from actual laboratories. They are seemingly scandalous; where on Earth can you possibly get a report that your daddy or your baby daddy is a popular Hollywood A-lister, a member of the royal family, or perhaps a politician? You can get a fake DNA test and a fake DNA report showing this made up information in the most authentic and convincing way! Take advantage of the privilege to personalize your fake DNA test by adding all the information that you want to appear on the report. Have the option to add a security hologram and you will be shocked yourself how a fake DNA test could look 100% genuine!

FakeABaby offers different Fake DNA test kits that suit your taste, preferences and pranking goals... but all of them looks absolutely real and legit! So, uplift your boring days! Add a dash of shock, laughter and fun to your regular days, making it even more special and more memorable!

Be notorious, the harmless way! Be scandalous in the safest way! Be naughty just for fun with the highly realistic Fake DNA Tests from FakeABaby! 

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