Cool Fake Ultrasound Versions –


Cool Fake Ultrasound Versions

Image Source: Axelle B via PublicDomainPictures under the Public Domain license.


Pick a super sleek fake ultrasound that looks 100% identical to the ones provided by your doctors and similar to the ones that you get from legitimate ultrasound clinics! If you are aiming for a fake ultrasound that looks elegant, one that exudes so much style and glistens with so much modish feel, and then these types of cool fake ultrasounds showcased by Fake a Baby are bound to make you feeling all pumped up and excited for that extraordinary prank that you have in mind!

Just like feeling so enthusiastic as you hold a new gadget, or getting all confident with a new outfit, feeling fly with a new accessory, these versions promise a neat and more polished look which are set to strike you. You'll get impatient pulling off that fake ultrasound prank that you intend to carry out once you see these imposing GE and Philips fake ultrasound versions.

Fake Ultrasound Like Phillips


Who doesn't know these brands anyway? The classic fake 2D ultrasounds offered by Fake a Baby is already credible enough, so how much more if the fake ultrasound that you are holding shows a popular name in the field of healthcare and equipments? It does increase the legitimate feel and authentic appeal of it, making your fake ultrasound joke even more effective! You can now relax and feel secure, knowing that an elaborate pranking setup is not needed. With proper timing, the right dialogues and facial expressions and with this compelling fake ultrasound, best to ready your camera to capture the best husband prank, boyfriend prank, family prank or best friend prank ever!


Fake Ultrasound Like GE


You will be amused by how fun it is to customize your fake ultrasound. Just choose the stage of pregnancy that you prefer, the baby's gender; provide a fake hospital or medical facility's name, as well as a fake doctor's name. If you desire your prank to be even more artistic and priceless, then you can personalize it by choosing the twins or triplets version, or one with horns, alien face or middle finger! Traumatize them real good with these highly entertaining versions that will leave them laughing all day long!

Pick the best media for your fake ultrasound below:

Normal Glossy – 3 copies (5x7)

Normal Glossy – 4 copies (3.5x2.5)

Plain Non Glossy – 3 copies (5x7)

Transparency – 3 copies (5x7)

Large White Matte Paper – 4 copies on 20x24 white sheet

NEW Giant Poster Size - 1 Copy

Small Size (Great for refrigerators!) - 4 copies (3.5x2.5)


Either you are pulling off an excellent prank towards your husband, wanting to test your boyfriend if he's really taking you seriously, intend to goof around with your parents or include a fake ultrasound antic to your friend’s bachelorette or bridal party , you will never go wrong in using the first-rate and totally cool fake ultrasounds from Fake a Baby. More so, you will have a more electrifying prank as you level up with these Philips and GE type ultrasounds that you can personalize according to your liking! 

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