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Fake Breast Implants Prank Everyday!!!

Have you ever thought of a straightforward and shocking prank to carry out towards your prank victims, that you would actually enjoy pulling off even the prank is over? A prank that you'd still want to execute on regular days, where you and the rest of the world are all back to your usual daily routines and chores? Yes, a prank like this does exist. You don't have to wait for that momentous time to accomplish a prank. No need to be bored lingering for that holiday, break or the most opportune moment to do a prank. Shock your family, friends, colleagues and prank victims with your prank, and still get delighted pulling the same prank over and over again after that pranking day, if it makes you happy! Yes, a fake breast implants prank will do just that!

The Fake Silicone Huge Boobies from Fake a Baby allow you to pull off a fake breast implants prank everyday! You might think that after gagging them with a fake boob job prank, and when all the astonishment and laughter have ended, then it's all over? Of course not! You can still pull off a fake boob job prank the next day - and the following days after that! Your choice!

Announce to your prank victims that you have recently had a boob job. Perhaps tell them that it's a Thanksgiving Day present that you got for yourself! They will have a headache thinking how you were able to manage the painful recovery from it! Get mesmerized on the way they get awestruck with how perfect your recent boob job is. Then you can surprise them that you are simply wearing the Fake a Baby silicone huge boobies! No stitches, no downtime, no huge costs - just a realistic pair of silicone boobies for that genuinely, sexy look! After the wondrously funny prank has been fulfilled, you can still wear your Fake a Baby silicone huge boobies anywhere - and trick your neighbors, officemates, and those bunch of random people that you are naturally endowed with those "gifts" or you have just opted for a boob job ala the Kardashians, or the most popular celebs!


The Fake Breast Implants Pranks can also easily pass for that perfect office prank! Squeeze into that corporate attire that you wear everyday and surprise your boss, your colleagues and nosy officemates with your new curves and new cup size! They will be impressed and some will get jealous of you. Either way, this prank will give you the most unforgettable and enjoyable time of your life! :)

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