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Be Futuristic. Be Different!


Image Source: Olivia Jester via PublicDomainPictures under the Public Domain license.


Are fake ultrasound pranks your top favorite when it comes to easy and classy tomfoolery? Well why not make it a bit different and pull off a more glam and definitely more stylish fake ultrasound prank by using the New Ultra Ultrasound Designs from FakeABaby! Yes, if you want a stylized and more exquisite modern fake ultrasound style, just like the ones that the most expensive hospitals and topnotch ultrasound laboratories provide, then Fake a Baby is more than pleased to offer it to you dear ones!

The New Ultra Ultrasound Designs have that ostentatious appearance that is impressive enough to make you smile and to convince your fake ultrasound prank victims. The classic 2D and 3D ultrasounds from Fake a Baby are actually genuine-looking enough, so how much more if we are talking about these new designs that evoke that modernistic and more exemplary feel?

The chances of having a successful fake ultrasound prank are higher if you choose to use these New Ultra Ultrasound Designs. There will be no chance of your victim to actually think twice if your antic is real or not because they will surely become so engrossed listening to your news and will also become so drawn and fascinated with how posh and impeccable your fake ultrasound is! Imagine their happiness and curiosity as they look at the super vivid and clear images of your baby, while comprehending the news that it is actually real as they read your name and other details on the ultrasound you're holding. It's gonna be foolproof, we promise!

These two designs will make it difficult for you to decide which is the best as both guarantee an authentic-like fake ultrasound that expresses with so much elegance and luxury!

1. New Ultra Number 1 Design

2. New Ultra Number 2 Design


Told 'ya these designs are a cut above the rest! Now you can see how brilliant and alive the images are, and with an appeal that's ahead of its time and high-technology, you will be extremely satisfied how it pleases you and how perfect your fake ultrasound prank will turn out to be! Do not get stressed out thinking that your joke will fail! With this ultrasound that has a modern fake ultrasound style serving as your main tools in accomplishing the prank that you dreamed of, you and your friends will surely have a good laugh - and a great time! 

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