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Make Your Friends Cry!

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There are several requirements in achieving a perfect pranking shenanigan. Of course, it should be believable enough to trick your victims and be able to successfully complete the joke that you had in mind. But most people prefer to pulling off pranks that have these three characteristics – harmless, easy and funny! There are heaps of prank ideas and gagging activities that everyone can try, but not every joke is a funny one. There are antics that are very difficult to accomplish, taking too much time and effort in completing the spoof. There are also the expensive, elaborate ones where people spend a lot of money in achieving their idea of a perfect prank, only to realize that it’s not massively amusing or memorable at all. There are jokes that are also cringe-worthy, awkward and annoying. A prank is oftentimes used to increase the bond between you and your loved ones, to spice up the friendship between you and your buddies, but there are instances that pranks offend or hurt our victims, which is not really funny at all. In the end, we have wasted our money, time and effort in planning for an excellent joke that turned out to be a fail.

If you want to avoid having a disastrous prank, only aiming towards a successful prank that are enjoyable for you and your victims, then you are definitely at the right place! Fake a Baby offers a collection of funny prank items and gag gifts for men and women, which you can use as your tools to obtain that “harmless, easy and funny” prank that we all need!

One of the gag gifts that express the said features is the Fake Newspaper Birth Announcement. This fake newspaper announcement is sooo real, no one will ever detect that it is actually a fake newspaper. The paper quality, the print and the overall look and feel of this fake newspaper is incredibly genuine and professional. The content and arrangement resemble the ones that you see on a real newspaper. Put your parents and siblings in a state of shock by having your name appear on it with the announcement that you have just given birth. Tease your aunt or granny that you saw their name on the fake newspaper and congratulate them on their new baby! Make your buddy cry by showing his ex-girlfriend’s name on the fake newspaper that she’s now a new mom – help him move on! Incorporate this fake newspaper into so many pranking ideas and create a one-of-a-kind prank that’s “kind” enough to not totally hurt, annoy or offend your victim!

Personalize your Fake Newspaper Birth Announcement by providing the newspaper name, date of the newspaper, the baby’s name, date of birth, mother’s name, father’s name, address, style and other options to make the said birth announcement truly your own. You can even use it for non-pranking purposes if you want to see you and your partner’s name, as well as the name of your new bundle of joy’s the newspaper. This fake newspaper announcement is printed on a real newspaper so you are 100% sure that it looks professional and absolutely convincing enough!



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