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Fake Baby Belly

You don't just fill your dress with all those silly stuffing just to have a fake baby belly instantly. More so, you don't just simply grab a pregnant belly anywhere! You may easily convince others who haven't experienced pregnancy as of yet or those who aren't really too exposed to pregnant women, but how about those who are experienced enough and who have actually went through pregnancy? Can you sway them? Sure you have no plans of embarrassing yourself and trying to look like a fool if they happen to discover that you're only faking a pregnancy. If you want to feel confident with your pregnancy, then make sure that you get your high-quality fake baby belly from the most trusted source of fake pregnancy items - Fake a Baby

Fake pregnant bellies are perfect for films, shows, pranks, gags, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, costume parties, Halloween parties, holiday parties and other events. But the use of fake pregnant bellies is also getting more and more popular among those women who are into surrogacy, and to those who want to keep their adoption private. A fake pregnancy belly is also being used by transgenders, mpreg enthusiasts and by those who have a pregnancy fetish. Indeed, sky is definitely the limit as to where and when to use a fake pregnant belly!


The fake pregnancy belly collection from Fake a Baby offers extremely realistic fake pregnancy bellies that look, feel and move very real. With the adjustable neck and waist straps, moving and feeling preggy is certainly achievable. The adhesive backing allows the belly to move naturally with your body. They are made with first rate, very special flesh -like silicone, making our fake pregnant bellies virtually real. These gorgeous fake bellies are available in two colors – nude and mocha.

What are you waiting for? Grab the best fake baby belly on Earth only at Fake a Baby

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