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What Sets Our Fake Ultrasounds Apart

Nowadays, the monotony of our routines and the stresses brought about by our fully-loaded schedules often bring us into the kind of boredom. When we fall into this kind of state, we often try to find ways on how to refresh and feel exhilarated. Some achieve this in the form of travel, shopping, food trip and whatnot. Others want to feel invigorated by setting up and participating in a funny gag or a joke that involves a fake sonogram online.

Most pranksters don't really have time to organize a highly structured prank. Women, who are always busy, prefer a fake ultrasound prank to horse around and temporarily fool their friends, parents, boyfriend, hubby or colleagues. A fake ultrasound prank is definitely a perfect choice if you want a gag that's easy, effective and affordable.

But the big question is, where do you get a fake ultrasound that looks100% real? Sure there are plenty of fake ultrasound generators and sellers that offer fake ultrasounds that contain the image and content of a real ultrasound, but oftentimes these fake ultrasounds still express that "fake" aura. What sets the fake ultrasounds offered by Fake a Baby is the superior quality. Fake a Baby is the leading and most trusted name in the field of gag gifts. From fake ultrasounds, fake pregnancy test strips, fake pregnancy bellies to fake prescriptions, Fake a Baby has established a name that's translated to quality and efficiency.

Here are just some of the qualities of a Fake a Baby fake ultrasound that makes it truly exceptional:

1. High Quality Image and Authentic Ultrasound Paper

Fake a Baby ultrasounds have the look and feel of a genuine ultrasound - just like the ones you obtain from a certified sonologist! Try showing it to your OB or sonologist friend or family member and they won't even notice that it's a phony one!

2. Three Options to Choose From - 2D, 3D, Ultra Modern Designs

You'll have fun on your prank - not only "during" the time that you are pulling it off or after you have divulged the truth and all of you couldn't stop laughing, but the excitement actually starts on the first stage of picking the type of fake ultrasound for you - a classic 2D, a vibrant 3D or the edgier ultra design.

3. Twelve Versions for 2D and 3D ultrasounds

Just when your prank victim realizes that your pregnancy announcement is just a hilarious deception, they're about to get astounded by your baby who's giving the middle finger or with your triplets!

4. A Giant Poster Size Fake Ultrasound

Feeling more creative or wanting to increase the "shocking" factor of your fake ultrasound prank? Get a Giant Poster Size fake ultrasound and see their jaw drop!


5. Responsive Customer Support. Satisfaction guaranteed!

You can contact the Fake a Baby customer support team easily by signing up and creating a Fake a Baby account, which is very simple or you can place your product inquiries on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr or Instagram, and your questions or concerns will surely be taken care of. The quickest and most ideal though is reaching out to Fake a Baby through your Fake a Baby account.

And there are so many ways as to why Fake a Baby is the most preferred provider of the best gag gifts and fake ultrasounds on Earth! Get your fake sonogram online or place your order HERE

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